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Managing Agents for Residential Management Companies

As accredited members of ARMA© and its self-regulatory regime, Carringtons Residential Management Ltd is recognised for its provision of unbeatable standards of property management services.

By appointing us as your Managing Agent, your development is guaranteed to thrive with the ongoing support of a committed Property Manager and a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Enjoy MyBlockman®

MyBlockman is an online portal with a login facility that allows you to access your service charge accounts – as well as other important information – from the comfort of your own home.

This software is available for free to all developments, large or small, as a standard feature of our management service. In addition, third-party access – for Letting Agents and so on – is permitted at no extra cost.

Unlimited Access

View content from your online portal, including your financial accounts, at any hour of any day

Download Documents

Download any important information, such as Insurance Certificates, directly to your device

Third-Party Access

If you use a Letting Agent, you can grant them access to your residential information at no extra cost

Report Issues

Report any non-urgent administrative or maintenance issues directly to our team for their attention

Receive Updates

Opt-in to receive updates, reminders and notifications directly from your Property Manager and our team

Directors' Area

If you are a Director, you can enjoy exclusive access to a restricted area of your Management Company's portal

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About Us

We feel that cost should not be a barrier to obtaining and enjoying an unbeatable standard of property management service. It does not matter if your property is within a small development or a large one – join our current residents, who have collectively witnessed a great improvement since introducing us to their developments.

Regular site inspections allow us to assist you with first-hand knowledge and understanding of your intentions for maintenance and general improvements.

We provide an online login portal that allows our clients to view their service charge accounts and other important documents from the comfort of their homes.

Our services ensure that Company Directors are able to remain in complete control without the burden and pressure of their mandatory responsibilities.

We are able to provide helpful and supportive advice to those who are seeking statutory ownership of their freeholds in the ‘Right to Manage’ process.

We are able to distribute newsletters, personalised to your development, that contain key information from the Head Lease to all residents and non-resident owners for their records.

We are able to provide quotations for Property Management Services in a large variety of areas, including but not limited to: Hertfordshire, Essex, London and surrounding areas.

Our tailored procedures, with the inclusion of a comprehensive check-list, allow us to acquire developments from other managing agents with minimal disruption to residents.

Our valuable and collective knowledge will ensure that all of your queries are dealt with in both a timely and professional manner.

Unlike our competitors, we use a simple and fair flat-fee structure to determine our management fee. This means that our calculations are based on the number of units within your development and not the standard percentage of your service charge.

Our friendly team are highly-accessible via a variety of mediums, including Messenger, and they will ensure that your queries are met with ease and efficiency.

In the event of an emergency, you can choose to opt-in to our out-of-hours procedure and contact a dedicated support team when our offices are closed.

We are able to assign a fixed Property Manager to each development, so that our clients can contact them directly and form professional and dedicated relationships.

Going that extra mile...

We feel that location should not be a barrier to receiving a professional, affordable and personal service. With over eight counties served, our Main Office may be located in Essex – but our services certainly are not. 

If you are unsure of our catchment area, speak with a member of our team today.


Our Services

Our management service is comprehensive, flexible and tailored to suit the requirements of our clients. With regular and effective communication and frequent site visits, our Property Managers and Administrative Assistants are able to keep informed with the day-to-day issues at developments.

Our Property Managers can produce and provide Company Directors with extensive reports that clearly outline the Management Company’s financial health. This can include reports in relation to expenditure, in accordance with the Annual Budget, and incoming service charge payments.

In addition, our Company Directors can also have unrestricted access to reports, as well as other documentation, in the exclusive ‘Directors’ Area’ of our MyBlockman portal.

Our dedicated Accounts Department are responsible for the weekly reconciliation of clientele bank accounts, including: Client, Residents Association and Reserve Fund accounts.

In addition, and with the assistance of our upgraded software, our Accounts Department are able to monitor the incoming service charge payments and any subsequent arrears.

Property Managers are responsible for the invoicing of service charges. With the assistance of a dedicated Accounts Department, they are able to monitor the incoming payments and liaise with those who are failing to pay in accordance with their lawful covenants to their respective Management Companies.  

In addition, our Accounts Department are responsible for liaising with Debt Recovery Agencies, in respect of arrears recovery.

Our Property Managers are responsible for appointing and assisting accredited Auditors throughout the accounting period.

Upon receipt of the approved Audited Accounts, our dedicated Administration Department are responsible for distributing this financial information to those with a lawful interest in the Management Company, i.e. Leaseholders and Freeholders.

Our dedicated Accounts Department are always happy to assist residents with their financial queries and concerns. Where any queries are in relation to service charges and the inability to pay, they are there to listen and advise in a confidential manner.

In addition, residents are free and welcome to contact our Accounts Department directly at any time.

Financial Services

Our Property Managers are responsible for the preparation of the Annual Budget and also for the invoicing of service charges. In addition, they are also responsible for the production and provision of financial reports to the Company Directors.

Our dedicated Accounts Department can assist both accredited Auditors and residents alike with the financial aspects of the Management Companies.

Administrative Services

As accredited members of ARMA-Q, we are proud to be of excellent service to those within the respective branches of this industry.

With the assistance of a dedicated Administration Department, our Property Managers are fully updated with the ‘everyday queries’ of their developments.

In addition, our various Departments – including Administration and Accounts respectively – are able to correspond with residents and provide accurate clarification to their queries.

Our Property Managers, together with the assistance of their dedicated Property Assistants, are able to liaise with and assist Developers throughout the building process.

In addition, our Property Managers are also able to assist with the legal drafting process. With their vast expertise and experience within the industry, they are able to recommend the key requirements that are essential to maintenance of a peaceful development.

Our Property Managers are responsible for the organisation and subsequent holding of meetings, including: Directors’ Meetings and Annual General Meetings. This is always done in accordance with the respective Management Companies’ Memorandum & Articles of Association.

In addition, our dedicated Administration Department are responsible for the prompt distribution of the Minutes.

With the assistance of accredited surveyors, our Property Managers are able to provide both Company Directors and Members alike with detailed reports of the development, including: Health & Safety and Risk Assessments.

MyBlockman also enables individuals to access and download this documentation to their devices, using their own login details, from the comfort of their own home.

Our Property Managers are responsible for raising detailed and written instructions to service providers, such as gardening operatives. 

In addition, our Property Assistants and Administration Department alike are also on-hand to assist and liaise directly with contractors in a timely and effective manner.

Maintenance Services

Our dedicated Property Managers, coupled with their extensive knowledge of their respective developments, are on-hand and available to discuss and organise the actioning of communal projects. This includes projects in relation to general improvements and redecorations, in accordance with the Lease/Deeds. 

As accredited members of ARMA-Q, our Property Managers can organise and appoint qualified and accredited contractors to undertake communal projects at your development.

Our Property Managers can obtain and provide Company Directors with tailored contractor specifications, including bespoke maintenance contracts, that are tailored to the individual requirements of our developments.

Our dedicated Property Managers are responsible for the sourcing and provision of quotations from qualified and accredited contractors.

This includes quotations that relate to items of repair or enhancement, as well as those that are lawfully required for Section 20 procedures.

Our Property Managers, with the assistance of their dedicated Property Assistants, are responsible for the organisation and monitoring of major works.

For free and friendly advice, contact us today.

Resource Library

As accredited members of ARMA-Q, we are delighted to share our access to a number of helpful resources with you. In addition, we are also proud to include our own materials for exclusive download.

Residential Newsletters

It can be extremely helpful for the residents of a development to receive clear information that cover the key aspects of the Lease, which then allows for peaceful and harmonised communal living.

As this is an optional service, our Directors can request for a draft Residential Newsletter to be circulated to the Board. Following the amendment process, this information is then distributed to all property owners and tenants alike for their perusal.

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Accredited by ARMA-Q

Carringtons Residential Management Ltd are accredited members of both The Association of Residential Managing Agents© and its self-regulatory regime, ARMA-Q.

Contact Us

General: info@carringtonsrml.co.uk
Accounts: accounts@carringtonsrml.co.uk
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